Objective solutions to Research problems.

At Considr Research, we offer the most objective solutions to research problems, both professional and academic. These include Qualitative Research(Key Informant Interviews, Focus Group Discussions and Ethnography ) and Quantitative Research (Household surveys and Interviews, Exit interviews and Street intercepts).

Considr Research is a  champion of gender-disaggregated data and ensuring that all our research projects consider gender representativeness and issues uniquely relevant to women.

Monitoring and Evaluation

End to end M&E services: Setting objectives and goals; design and  implementation of M&E projects and systems;  evidence-based analysis and reporting  

We aim to provide effective M&E services that provide sustainable impact to the organizations we work with, helping them improve their overall performance and remain accountable to all their stakeholders. These include Impact assessments, Process evaluations, Outcome evaluations, Verification of activities, Results-based monitoring, Most significant change, among others

Technical Assistance

We work with organizations to help improve organization M&E systems and processes 
This includes improving theories of change & Frameworks with relevant measurable Indicators, defining and determining data collection methods, monitoring processes, and performance metrics intended to measure results and overall support.